Patient Registration

Please fill out our patient forms prior to your appointment:

Our newest available forms are made for you to fill out online and it will e-mail them to our office prior to your appointment! No need to try and remember to bring it with you! 

The top link below directs you to register for My Chart and helps us provide you the best dental care!! No spam lists, all confidential and privacy compliant. Help us make it easier for you to get the care you deserve!  It’s even better if we can have them filled out prior to your new patient appointment!

Our Newest Health and Dental History Forms   

If for some reason you cannot fill your form online you may print the following:

Patient Health Form and Financial Policy

Informed Consent

Feel free to download those forms, fill them out in advance and bring them to your appointment.  We can also mail them to you prior to your new patient appointment should you prefer.  Just let us know! We do have copies should you forget them. However, if they are filled out in advance, it leaves more time available for any treatment needs you require.  We want to give you the best opportunity to receive the care you need!