Patient forms

Due to how much your overall health affects your oral health and vice versa, it is important to have all the knowledge we can about your health! Certain medications or anesthetics shouldn’t be used depending on your health history.  Certain anesthetic shouldn’t be used with some recreational drugs.  Other medications for things unrelated to the mouth can cause oral issues.  Systemic issues can often present in the oral cavity before they are found by primary care doctors and systemic health issues can create a lot of problems for gums, bone and teeth!  As a result, we need to have these forms filled out for review the day prior to your scheduled new patient exam, please!

Your security over personal information is of utmost importance to our office which is why we have chosen the online forms we have.  If for some reason, you feel uncomfortable with this, we would be happy to email you forms that you can print out and bring in prior to your appointment.  Submitting these forms online gets them directly to us without trying to remember them and risk being rescheduled!

For new patients to our office, or for patients that haven’t filled out any paperwork for awhile, please click on the link below to be directed to our secure and safe online forms network.

For current patients of record, looking only to update their medical history, please click on the below link to update only that form and/or any other forms needed to be updated for our system:

If you prefer to download and fill out our forms packet at home prior to your appointment, please click on the below link: